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★ The First (and best!) Berryz Koubou LJ! ★

♡♡ Berryz工房 Fans! ♡♡

Super Berryz!
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Berryz Koubou were created in early 2004 from already exsisting Hello! Project members known as the Hello! Project Kids. Several of the members had been involved in other H!P duties before Berryz was formed. Berryz Koubou currently consists of 7 members.

清水佐紀 - Saki Shimizu (Captain)

嗣永桃子 - Momoko Tsugunaga (also of Buono!)

徳永千奈美 - Chinami Tokunaga

須藤茉麻 - Maasa Sudou

夏焼雅 - Miyabi Natsuyaki (Buono!)

熊井友理奈 - Yurina Kumai

菅谷梨沙子 - Risako Sugaya

Former Member

石村舞波 - Maiha Ishimura (Graduated 2005)

This is a place where all Berryz fans can chat, share files, show off pictures or merchandise, and share graphics like icons, headers, whatever you want! ^^ Please be nice to people and don't diss other people's favourite members. If you would like to be an affiliate, please message me or comment. It must have something to do with H!P, and I would prefer it if it was Berryz or C-ute, Thanks! ^^

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